Many Hands Make Light Work

Skilled Labour Services

When you need a few extra hands to design, execute, install or dismantle your business event or project, take advantage of our highly skilled professionals. Moreton Hire teams have the experience, knowledge and skills to deliver your project seamlessly and professionally.

Trained, Professional and Experienced

Labour Support

Moreton Hire only employee the best of the best. Our specialised staff are on hand ready to deliver your event, exhibition or project. We pride ourselves on our presentation, professionalism, efficiency and experience. Whether you require a few hours of work or long term support, Moreton Hire are ready.

OH & S

Number One Priority

Onsite Labour

Installation & Dismantle Support


Electricians, Carpenters, Fabricators

Drivers & Forklift Operators

Moving Safely and Smoothly

Event & Project Managers

Consulting on the design and execution of your company experience.

AV & Lighting Technicians

Safety lighting up your space

CAD Specialists

Finishing touches

Graphic Designers

Marketing Services

Furniture Manufacturers

Upholstery, Metal Fabrication, Joinery Services

Need some extra hands?

Hire our skilled teams

Contact Moreton Hire to discuss your labour requirements and how our teams can help. For urgent enquiries call 1300 360 424 to speak with the teams today.